Nature’s Organic Sense Coosteam Body Cleanser (300ML)

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Exclusively manufactured for Nature’s Organic Sense Singapore. Created in partnership with Singapore Doctor, Dr Glenn G.

Our COOSTEAM BODY CLEANSER is a gentle and soothing wash that’s specially formulated to relieve any itch and provides intense moisture to all types of skin. It’s suitable for dry, itchy, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin conditions. Combat scratching and flaky skin!


Intense cooling sensation – Menthol to relieve itch and post-workout cool-down

Moisturizing Complex – Added ceramides to lock in moisture

pH 5.5 – Normalize skin pH

NO IRRITANTS OR HARSH CHEMICALS – such as fragrances, parabens or SLES


5 reviews for Nature’s Organic Sense Coosteam Body Cleanser (300ML)

  1. Melody Chee

    I was having dry and itchy skin whenever I had some stressful period and have been looking out for a product for quite some time and managed to find Coosteam.

    So Been using it for the past few months, I’m really amazed by the cooling effect after a shower!
    The cooling sensation can last for a few hours and I do recommend them to people who are suffering from itchy skin.

    Melody Chee

  2. Amelia

    Thumbs up! I have just switch from Suu balm to COOSTEAM recently after one of my friends shared about this doctor who used to have eczema developed this product. So after trying it for the 1st few times, the cooling sensation is so so much cooling and longer lasting. Instant cooling!

    Hope to have more promotion or vouchers for monthly purchase. 😉

  3. Jia Ling

    have not been sleeping well due to my eczema flaring up…but after using Coosteam for the past few weeks, honestly it really surprised by how extra cooling it is – the moment i applied to my skin – really cooling feeling and it last for quite some time after shower. reduce down my itchiness and moisturizing as well. It’s slightly on the high costing -perhaps due to local production…

  4. Shaun

    Highly recommended! cooling and moisturising.
    if you have eczema or dry skin – use this local produced brand instead!

  5. Anna

    Just ordered my 3rd bottle of Coosteam! Delivered quite promptly – around 3 working days.

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